ANYONE was born from the smoldering remains of a highly experimental trio called SYLVIA in 1995. By 1999 ANYONE had become one of the most celebrated bands in Orange County, CA, taking the Los Angeles Music Awards top honors for best band. ANYONE are looked upon as originators of a new sound and a new music scene emerging from Southern California. Established bands such as Korn and Orgy have raved about this band publicly. This is such a rare band wherein listenting to the album one has no idea what to focus on - the guitar, the bass, the drums, or the vocals. All are incredible, and you can pick up on something new each time you hear an Anyone song over again. You have never heard anything like this...everything you've heard is true...

1. Giving Thrills
2. Don't Wake Me
3. Lazy Hazy
4. Whole World's Insane
5. Hitches
6. Slaves (Part 12)
7. Real
8. Fly
9. Turnaround
10. Running Dry
11. Drops Of Miracle
12. She
13. Peace Love & Toxic
14. Dear Sylvia
15. Kissing God
16. Wait Until Morning

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