Biffy Clyro

Comprised of twin brothers Ben and James Johnston and their high school mate Simon Neil, Biffy Clyro formed when they were teenagers, in Glasgow, Scotland, and already have 3 albums under their belts. But its their&nbsp4th and most&nbspprolific release yet, Puzzle, which has critics hearalding Biffy Clyro as &quotthe new Nirvana," and&nbsptherefore Roadrunner is extremely proud to be releasing it in America.&nbspA mix of Nirvana meets Muse meets Fugazi, its SONGS encompass a masterful combination of power chords, sweet melodies, insightful lyrics crushing riffs, marching beats, even some orchestral elements, too.

1. Intro
2. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
3. Saturday Superhouse
4. Who's Got A Match?
5. As Dust Dances
6. A Whole Child Ago
7. The Conversation Is...
8. Now I'm Everyone
9. Semi-Mental
10. Love Has A Diameter
11. Get Fucked Stud
12. Folding Stars
13. 9/15ths
14. Machines

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