Billy Talent

'Billy Talent III' is the fourth full-length album from this Canadian rock act. Taking influence from heavy metal, classic rock and hardcore punk, Billy Talent have crafted a sound that has become very much their own. As always lead vocalist Benjamin Kowalewicz's crisp, biting vocals are instantly recognizable. Produced by Brendan O'Brien (Incubus, Audioslave), 'Billy Talent III' features the singles 'Rusted From The Rain' and 'Turn Your Back'.

1. Devil On My Shoulder
2. Rusted From The Rain
3. Saint Veronika
4. Tears Into Wine
5. White Sparrows
6. Pocketful Of Dreams
7. The Dead Can't Testify
8. Diamond On A Landmine
9. Turn Your Back
10. Sudden Movements
11. Definition Of Destiny
12. The City Ignites


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