Folklore and Superstition

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Release Date 19.8.2008
Format CD
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Roadrunner Records is proud to present the sophomore effort from Black Stone Cherry, Folklore and Superstition. On this album the band incorporates lyrical tales with upbeat riffing and atypical conventions like turkey calls, making it a record that is pleasing as it is unpredictable. The band recorded the album at Black Bird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, which is owned and operated by country artist Martina McBride. The album crackles with a down-home, feel good, rock ‘n roll current and was produced and mixed by veteran rock producer Bob Marlette.

1. Blind Man
2. Please Come In
3. Reverend Wrinkle
4. Soul Creek
5. Things My Father Said
6. The Bitter End
7. Long Sleeves
8. Peace is Free
9. Devil's Queen
10. The Key
11. You
12. Sunrise
13. Ghost of Floyd Collins

Special edition bonus tracks:

14. Junkman
15. Stranger
16. Bulldozer

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