What can you say about Brujeria that we don't already know? Or better yet, what do we actually know about these masked musicians from South-of-the-border? With their own brand of 'machete metal' and a legend of invoking Fear in the hearts of all who encounter them, Brujeria return with their third album, Brujerizmo. While they remain an enigma, rumor has it that Brujeria is made up of members from such metal stalwarts as Fear Factory, Napalm Death, the late great Faith No More and Dimmu Borgir. Who knows what is true? Regardless of who they are or what they stand for, Brujeria remains a true force of nature. The very nature of man that is evil, angy and in your face!

1. Brujerizmo
2. Vayan Sin Miedo
3. La Traicion
4. Pititis, Te Invoco
5. Laboratorio Cristalitos
6. Division Del Norte
7. Marcha De Odio
8. Anti-Castro
9. Cuiden A Los Ninos
10. El Bajon
11. Mecosario
12. El Desmadre
13. Sida De La Mente

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