The Dehumanizing Process DVD

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Release Date 26.10.2004
Format DVD
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Quite possibly, the ultimate band DVD. Ever want to know what it's like to be in a band? Then this is your ticket. DVD features: - All Access, no-holds-barred feature length documentary with optional band commentary - Almost an hour of killer live performance footage captured around the world - All of the band's videos PLUS, DVD contains bonus CD - the remastered This Present Darkness 7 song EP with 2 bonus tracks not available on the original release Check out for more info

1. Main Documentary
2. Power Trip (Live)
3. Cleansation (Live)
4. Severed (Live)
5. Eyes Of A Criminal (Live)
6. Down Again (Live)
7. The Dehumanizing Process (Live)
8. Pure Hatred (Live)
9. Sp Lit (Video)
10. Down Again (Video)
11. Pure Hatred (Video)
12. Power Trip (Video)

Bonus CD:
1. This Present Darkness
2. Painting The White To Grey
3. Divination
4. Sphere
5. Lend A Hand
6. Empty
7. Silence
8. Gag
9. Refuse To See


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