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Release Date 10.8.2004
Format CD
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Formed in Los Angeles in the spring of 1994, the music of Coal Chamber is the sound of internal combustion. Espousing a raw, brutal, down-tuned sound, their goth, hip-hop & hardcore influences can be clearly heard in Dez's ominous whispers, guttural growls, and belligerent bellows, Meeg's anarchistic guitar playing, and bassist Rayna and drummer Mike's relentless, thundering rhythms. Tension defined Coal Chamber throughout its 8 year existence and the music they left behind, as showcased on this compilation, serves as both a testament to their resilience and a document of their demons.
   1. Loco
   2. Oddity
   3. Big Truck
   4. Sway
   5. Clock
   6. Not Living
   7. El Cu Cuy
   8. Tyler's Song
   9. My Mercy
  10. Fiend
  11. Something Told Me
  12. Dark Days
  13. Beckoned
  14. One Step

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