Peace Through Superior Firepower DVD

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Release Date 18.11.2005
Format DVD
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DVD Contents: TARGET...PARIS (90+ Minute Live Show) Satyriasis 1. Gilded Cunt
2. Mannequin
3. The Black Goddess Rises
4. A Gothic Romance
5. Her Ghost In The Fog
6. Nymphetamine
7. Tortured Soul Asylum
8. The Forest Whispers My Name A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon 9. The Promise Of Fever
10. 13 Autumns And a Widow
11. Mother Of Abominations Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette
12. From The Cradle to Enslave REINFORCEMENTS I. Postcards From Vulgaria - A 45-Minute Shockumentary Incl. Extensive Interview Footage with Dani Filth

1. Her Ghost In The Fog
2. No Time To Cry
3. Babalon A.D.
4. Mannequin
5. The Promise Of Fever
6. Nymphetamine AND...
5.1 Surround Sound Photo Gallery 8-page Full Color Booklet

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