While many bands in the modern era are already withering away by their second album and have shriveled up and died by their third, DevilDriver have proven to mutate, growing stronger, deadlier and more immortal with each successive release. Beast, which follows 2009's Pray For Villains, finds the band refusing to compromise in their mission to deliver music that will make you feel as though you were slapped upside the head with a baseball bat.

 Frontman Dez Fafara himself dubbed the record their most "extreme" to date and even compared Beast to "driving a Buick Skylark 200 miles an hour straight to Vegas" in an exclusive studio report in Revolver.

1. Dead to Rights

2. Bring the Fight (To the Floor)

3. Hardened

4. Shitlist

5. Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)

6. You Make Me Sick

7. Coldblooded

8. Blur

9. The Blame Game

10. Black Soul Choir

11. Crowns of Creation

12. Lend Myself to the Night

Special edition bonus tracks:

13. Lost

14. Fortune Favors the Brave

15. Grinf**ked (Live)

Special edition DVD track listing:

1. You May Know Us from the Stage documentary

2. Not All Who Wander Are Lost (video)

3. Clouds Over California (video)

4. Pray for Villains (video)

5. Fate Stepped In (video)

6. Another Night in London (video)

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