Dirty Americans

FINALLY, a piece to have from what is probably the most true pure rock band out there. We dare ya, look up 'rock-n-roll' in the dictionary, you WILL see a photo of this band. Dirty American IS rock-n-roll defined.

...kiss 'em all goodbye is a 5 song EP, merely a taste of what is to come on their full length release in 2004 (but a damn good taste).

If you get a chance to see these guys, DO. And if you simply get a chance to hear these guys, TAKE IT. This 5 song EP - track listing of "Car Crash," "Strange Generation," "Burn You Down," "Explode" (demo), and "Trip To The Moon" (demo) - can be found at various stores through the Midwest, or online for $3.99 at TOWER.com.

an instant classic...

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