Dreams of the Carrion Kind

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Release Date 24.2.2004
Format CD
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James Murphy's name was near household status among death metal fans when Disincarnate released Dreams of the Carrion Kind, due to his stints in Death and Obituary. He was probably the most prolific guitar player in death metal history, and that skill is abound everywhere on Dreams of the Carrion Kind.

This is important for every death metal fan to own.

   1. De Profundis
   2. Stench of Paradise Burning
   3. Beyond the Flesh
   4. In Sufferance
   5. Monarch of the Sleeping Marches
   6. Soul Erosion
   7. Entranced
   8. Confine of Shadows
   9. Deadspawn
  10. Sea of Tears
  11. Immemorial Dream

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