Doug Stanhope

1. Noah
2. New Oslo
3. Royalty
4. Dead People’s Baggage
5. Olympics
6. Complete Unemployment
7. What Have You Done For Me Lately?
8. Stinkless Pussy
9. Strong Target
10. Spinning Dildo
11. Go-Kart Track Massacre
12. Suicide in Finland
13. What’s He Building In There?
14. Abortion Is Green
15. Stomping Kittens
16. First Midget Bullfighter
17. Ugly Women Who Can Sing
18. Spaceship To Glarkk
19. Genghis Fuck Scenes
20. Shame and Self-Awareness
21. Erectile Function
22. “Hello, Sarah?”
23. Blort
24. Jizzoons
25. Drambuie
26. Freemarket Pussy

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