Doug Stanhope Interviewed By CraveOnline

Doug Stanhope was named the #1 Comedian to See Live in 2012 by, and they also picked his latest CD, Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere, as their Comedy Album of the Year. And now, they've posted an exclusive interview with Doug, which you can listen to on their site!.
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Louis C.K. Talks About Doug Stanhope On National Public Radio

Louis C.K. was interviewed yesterday on National Public Radio's Fresh Air, and during the course of the interview, he talked in great depth about his friendship with Doug Stanhope, which led him to cast Doug in one of the most acclaimed episodes of the second season of his show Louie. He also discusses how the episode came to have greater personal resonance for him afterward, with the death of their mutual friend, fellow comedian Patrice O'Neal. You can listen to the whole interview at this link; the discussion of Stanhope and O'Neal begins at around the 35-minute mark. Doug Stanhope's latest CD, Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere, is available from the Amazon MP3 store for $5 for a limited time; click here to get it!.
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The Laugh Button Names Doug Stanhope's Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere #5 Comedy CD Of 2011

Comedy website The Laugh Button has announced their Top 10 Comedy CDs of 2011, and Doug Stanhope's Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere has come in at #5. Says the website, "It never feels like Stanhope is a comic telling jokes, but rather a guy who who’s been beaten down getting a chance to vent after one too many drinks; which in a way he is." Right now, you can get Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere from the Amazon MP3 store for only $5.
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Doug Stanhope's latest CD, Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere, was voted one of the 10 best comedy albums of 2011 by the website The site's writers say: "One of the most prolific comedians working today, Doug Stanhope unleashed yet another outstanding album this year, brimming with stark realizations (“I don’t fuck anymore, really, because I’m old and gross”) a collection of decidedly unfunny ideas – suicide, massacres, abortion (the more babies you have, the more the value of human life drops) – and that ragged, seemingly hung-over, disjointed delivery we’ve come to expect from the workhorse comedian.
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Doug Stanhope To Appear Live On Radio Tomorrow!

Doug Stanhope will be making two radio appearances in West Palm Beach, Florida tomorrow. At 7 AM, he'll be live with Loper & Randi on The Morning Buzz on 103.1 The Buzz – click here to listen/. Then at 6 PM, he'll be live on WZZR – click here to listen. He’ll be performing at the West Palm Beach Improv that night; you can buy tickets at this link..
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Doug Stanhope Interviewed By AV Club, John Stossel

Doug Stanhope recently gave a long interview to the Chicago branch of the AV Club, which you can read here. It covers a huge range of topics, from why he lives in Bisbee, Arizona to his recent appearance on the show Louie (and why he's unlikely to do anything like it again) to whether he's mellowing with age. Says Stanhope about writing new, different types of material, "I desperately want to, but when you start to get to your core topics that you’re really passionate about, there’s only so many.
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