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Release Date 24.4.2001
Format CD
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True to its name, Downer isn't exactly an easy or exceedingly pleasant trip. From the energetic pound of the first single "Last Time" to the anthemic "Speed Teeth" to the angry grind of "Bi-Furious", Downer takes you on a sonic trip to the edge. With influences ranging from U2 to Jane's Addiction to Fugazi, Downer walk the fine line between the limiting label of 'metal' and the seemingly limitless label of 'alternative'. While 'alternative' may beg the question "Alternative to what?", Downer answers that question loudly and clearly - alternative to the boy band, hip-hopper wannabees dominating the airwaves today. Downer are a rock band, plain and simple no guest DJ's, MC's or other flavor of the month adornments.

1. Flex
2. Bi-Furious
3. Last Time
4. Savior
5. Weed Eater
6. Mud Bath
7. Born Again
8. Speed Teeth
9. Punching Bag
10. Ventilation
11. Curbed

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