Prepare yourself for a gripping, exhilarating ride as DragonForce release their much-anticipated new album, Inhuman Rampage through Roadrunner, on June 20th, 2006. The album's title is an apt summation of the devastating musical journey on hand: an unstoppable force combining metal's primal power and muscular melodies with hard-earned musical proficiency, and influences from the band members' various cultural backgrounds into a unique and epic style they like to call "Extreme Power Metal."

1. Through The Fire And Flames
2. Revolution Deathsquad
3. Storming The Burning Fields
4. Operation Ground And Pound
5. Body Breakdown
6. Cry For Eternity
7. The Flame Of Youth
8. Trail Of Broken Hearts

Special Edition Bonus Tracks:
9. Lost Souls in Endless Time

Special Edition DVD Track Listing:
1. Through the Fire and Flames (Music Video)
2. Operation Ground and Pound (Music Video)
3. Behind-The-Scenes Rockumentary
4. Bonus Live Performance of &quotMy Spirit Will Go On" from Metal Hammer Awards

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