Twilight Dementia

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Release Date 14.9.2010
Format Two-disc CD
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DragonForce, known for their over-the-top, infinitely fun, wildly entertaining live show, which has slayed the main stages of Ozzfest, Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and countless headlining shows the world over, have captured the whole shebang on Twilight Dementia, a double-CD which documents their Ultra Beatdown tour. The tour ran from 2008 through 2009 and includes tracks from all of the band’s albums, including the hit “Through the Fire and the Flames,” which was featured on Guitar Hero

Twilight Dementia was produced by longstanding DF collaborator Karl Groom along with band guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman. It features 13 tracks and is an exercise in soaring vocals and advanced guitar pyrotechnics. It was recorded across 19 UK shows, with the very best takes lovingly compiled and mixed by Groom, Totman and Li.

Disc One:
1. Heroes of Our Time (Live)
2. Operation Ground And Pound (Live)
3. Reasons to Live (Live)
4. Fury of the Storm (Live)
5. Fields of Despair (Live)
6. Starfire (Live)
7. Soldiers of the Wasteland (Live)
Disc Two:
1. My Spirit Will Go On (Live)
2. Where Dragons Rule (Live)
3. The Last Journey Home (Live)
4. Valley of the Damned (Live)
5. Strike of the Ninja (Live)
6. Through the Fire and Flames (Live)

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