Dry Kill Logic

It isn't often that a band like Dry Kill Logic comes along - a band whose musical depth exceeds it's anger. That is not to say that the music lacks attitude, in fact it is downright pissed off, but with a focus that is not often heard in heavy music today. The intensity and fury on every track is almost palpable from the churning guitars to the pummeling rhythm section, every track is a catharsis of sorts. “The funny thing is that the songs aren't about anything in particular. I don't write them with an issue or a person in mind,” Cliff (vocals) explains, “I like for people to get out of them what they will. It' s not that they are anger for anger's sake – they are very much a part of me.”

1. Nightmare
2. Feel The Break
3. Pain
4. Nothing
5. Assfault
6. Weight
7. A Better Man Than Me
8. Rot
9. Track 13
10. Give Up, Give In, Lie Down
11. The Strength I Call My Own
12. Goodnight

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