The Law

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Release Date 15.3.1992
Format CD
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Exhorder's second effort, The Law, pushed the boundaries of their aggressive sound as far as they could, the band managed to radically broaden their dynamic and melodic range -- without losing touch with their core elements. Prime examples include "Soul Search Me," "Unforgiven," and the title track, all of which employ a dizzying array of neck-snapping starts and stops with unprecedented success. Taking things even further, the highly unusual "Un-Born Again" introduces funky guitar licks and slap bass reminiscent of both death-jazz experts Atheist, and funk/metal pioneers Mordred.


1."Soul Search Me"


3."I Am the Cross"

4."Un-Born Again"

5."Into the Void"

6. "The Truth"

7. "The Law"

8. "Incontinence"

9. "(Cadence Of) The Dirge"

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