The Best Of Fear Factory

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Release Date 26.9.2006
Format CD
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Listen to the evolution of Fear Factory on one album!

From their brutal early days to their transformation into the techno-metal powerhouses we've come to love, it's all here! The Best Of Fear Factory includes such trademark songs as &quotReplica," &quotLinchpin," and their smash hit cover of Gary Numan's &quotCars." Buy The Best Of Fear Factory on September 26th or the Edgecrusher will come knocking down your door!


1. Martyr
2. Scapegoat
3. Scumgrief
4. Demanufacture
5. Self-Bias Resistor
6. Zero Signal
7. Replica
8. Shock
9. Edgecrusher
10. Resurrection
11. Cars
12. Linchpin

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