Canadian death metal troupe Gorguts delivered their second album, The Erosion of Sanity, in 1993. The album features the manic flurry of "With Their Flesh, He'll Create" and its more melodically inclined follow-up, "Condemned to Obscurity". Erosion of Sanity is a collection of technically astounding death metal songwriting, proving that not even a Franco-Canadian accent can be detected when grunted from the depths of one's bowels.

1. "With Their Flesh He'll Create"

2. "Condemned to Obscurity"

3. "The Erosion of Sanity"

4. "Orphans of Sickness"

5. "Hideous Infirmity"

6. "A Path Beyond Premonition"

7. "Odors of Existence"

8. "Dormant Misery"

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