Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell, the engine behind one of the biggest hard rock bands of our time, returns. Cantrell was a founding member of Alice In Chains - holding down guitar, vocal, and writing duties - taking what was then an underground movement to every rock fan in the country.

Alice In Chains brought to the world a sound that could not be duplicated. Degredation Trip updates that sound, immediately summoning the menacing rock groove of that former band. As Jerry tells, "It's a long time coming, a lot of work and effort, and I put a lot of myself into this thing. It probably means more to me than any record that I have put out to date. It is unique in a lot of ways to me, in my life and in my career."

1. Psychotic Break
2. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes
3. Anger Rising
4. Angel Eyes
5. Solitude
6. Mother's Spinning In Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones)
7. Hellbound
8. Give It A Name
9. Castaway
10. She Was My Girl
11. Chemical Tribe
12. Spiderbite
13. Locked On
14. Gone

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