As Daylight Dies

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Release Date 17.11.2006
Format CD
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1. Daylight Dies  
2. This is Absolution  
3. The Arms of Sorrow  
4. Unbroken  
5. My Curse  
6. For You  
7. Still Beats Your Name  
8. Eye of the Storm  
9. Break The Silence 
10. Desperate Times  
11. Reject Yourself

Special Edition Bonus Tracks:
12. Be One
13. Let The Bridges Burn
14. This Fire
15. Holy Diver

Special Edition DVD Track Listing:
1. My Curse [Video]
2. The Arms of Sorrow [Video]
3. Holy Diver [Video]
4. The Making of "My Curse" Video
5. The Making of "The Arms Of Sorrow" Video

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