King Diamond

Liner notes by Dave Ellefson (ex-Megadeth):

Has anyone been a more interesting front man then King Diamond? Visually, thematically, and musically, King Diamond is the complete package. Incredible instrumentation, jaw-dropping vocals and an unforgettable image all lend itself to King Diamond's solo material, and The Best of King Diamond runs the gamut of Diamond's solo career. If you want to study where metal has been and where it will go again, buy this compilation.

15 songs and almost 75 minutes of prime King Diamond! This compilation covers the band's Roadrunner years, spanning 1985's 'No Presents For Christmas' single through to 1990's 'The Eye.'
01. The Candle
02. Charon
03. Halloween
04. No Presents For Christmas
05. Arrival
06. A Mansion In Darkness
07. The Family Ghost
08. Abigail
09. Welcome Home
10. The Invisible Guests
11. Tea
12. At The Graves
13. Sleepless Nights
14. Eye Of The Witch
15. Burn

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