Life Of Agony

Only the most memorable of bands can reunite and, amongst a new generation of bands vying for attention, sell out multiple shows on the East Coast to thousands of people. Life of Agony accomplished that impressive feat when, back in August, they played 5 sold out shows in the NY/NJ area to crowds of 2500 and more a night. It's a testament to the enduring quality of LoA's music, which is now the centerpiece of Roadrunner's The Best of Life of Agony album, spanning the career of one of metal's most exciting bands.

Greatest hits albums usually lack cohesion and energy, yet The Best of Life of Agony most certainly doesn't—there is mayhem in every note crumbling under the pressure of each chord. This is an essential album for LoA fans, one that doesn't brush over the band's material but merely opens the door to one of metal's greatest.

Liner notes by Scott Ian (Anthrax)
01. This Time
02. River Runs Red
03. Through And Through
04. Bad Seed
05. Underground
06. Here I Am, Here I Stay
07. Damned If I Do
08. Lost At 22
09. Other Side Of The River
10. Let's Pretend
11. How It Would Be
12. Tangerine
13. My Mind Is Dangerous
14. Weeds
15. Angry Tree
16. Honeycomb*

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