Disc 1
1 Demonstrating My Style
2 Unity
3 Live Or Die
4 Pride (Times Are Changing)
5 Streets of Hate [Explicit]
6 Back Of The Bus
7 Hardcore Still Lives!
8 Neustra Familia
9 5-0 [Explicit]
10 Addict [Explicit]
11 True To The Game
12 Godfather
13 In Memory Of ...
14 Ball Of Destruction (w/hidden track "Your Fall") [Explicit]

Disc 2
1 Look My Way [Explicit]
2 Moment Of Truth [Explicit]
3 Cut Off [Explicit]
4 Temptation Or Restraint
5 Waste Of Time [Explicit]
6 False Threats
7 Pushin' Me
8 Walk Away
9 Our Family
10 Lesson Of Life
11 All I Can Take
12 Been There, Done That [Explicit]

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