Madball defined the New York hardcore scene. When that scene started to die and all of its disciples went the route of the surging emo scene, Madball stuck to it and single-handedly fueled a scene on the brink of collapse. For that, they've won a spot in the hearts of all the hardcore followers of today—and the respect of all of their peers.

Madball's was a unique brand of music—so wrapped with passion that it was contagious—one listen and you couldn't help but get hit with the power the band felt. Only the most special bands receive albums that are “best of” compilations, bands that music is indebted to. Madball is one of those bands, if for nothing else, because of their appreciation and passion for the music that they played.

Liner notes by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Roger Miret (Agnostic Front)
01. Set It Off
02. New York City
03. It's Time
04. Across Your Face
05. Down By Law
06. Smell The Bacon (What's With You?)
07. Friend Or Foe
08. Demonstrating My Style
09. Unity
10. Live Or Die
11. Pride (Times Are Changing)
12. Hardcore Still Lives!
13. Nuestra Familia
14. Ball Of Destruction
15. Look My Way
16. Moment Of Truth
17. Waste Of Time
18. Been There, Done That
19. Talkin' To Myself
20. Fools Die

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