Roadrunner Artists Locking Down Festival Shows!

Roadrunner Artists Locking Down Festival Shows!

The spring and summer are when major rock and metal festivals can be found all across America and Europe, and some of Roadrunner's biggest artists are going to be playing them. We've already told you that <a href="/artists/slipknot" target="_blank"><strong>Slipknot</strong></a> will be headlining the 2012 Mayhem Festival tour, and now two more major shows - one in the US and one in the UK - have been announced as well!<br /><br />From May 18-20, the Rock on the Range festival will take over Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, and among the bands on the bill will be <a href="/artists/megadeth" target="_blank"><strong>Megadeth</strong></a>, <a href="/artists/trivium" target="_blank"><strong>Trivium</strong></a>, <a href="/artists/robzombie" target="_blank"><strong>Rob Zombie</strong></a> and <a href="/artists/blackstonecherry" target="_blank"><strong>Black Stone Cherry</strong></a>.<br /><br />The following month, from June 8-10, the Download Festival will be held in Donington Park in England, and the bill there will include <strong>Megadeth</strong>, <strong>Trivium</strong>, <a href="/artists/machinehead" target="_blank"><strong>Machine Head</strong></a> and <a href="/artists/devildriver" target="_blank"><strong>DevilDriver</strong></a>.<br /><br />Start making your travel plans now!.
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