1. Slit My Wrist
2. Twist My Sister
3. Dead in Hollywood
4. Love at First Fright
5. People Hate Me
6. She Was a Teenage Zombie
7. Die My Bride
8. Graverobbing U.S.A.
9. 197666
10. Dawn of the Dead
11. Let's Go to War
12. Dressed to Depress
13. Kill Miss America
14. B-Movie Scream Queen
15. Mother F***er, I Don't Care

Special Edition Bonus Tracks:
16. Crash Crash
17. Let's F***
18. I Take Drugs
19. White Wedding
20. Welcome to the Strange
21. I Love to Say Fuck

Special Edition DVD Track Listing:
1. I Love to Say F*** [Live]
2. Dead in Hollywood
3. Love at First Fright
4. White Wedding

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