Accidents happen...Nailbomb being one of them. The unexpected pairing of two band-leaders (Sepultura/Soulfly's Max Cavalera and Fudge Tunnel's Alex Newport) from two completely different parts of the world (Brazil and England, respectively), Nailbomb could only generate combustible results. Their mission: To make 1994's Point Blank "the f**king heaviest album ever." And few would disagree, even today, that this promise has yet to be broken. Not convinced? Then see for yourself with the legendary set comprising the Live At Dynamo DVD - a visual document of one of the heaviest, most envelope-pushing sounds ever put to tape. Few will disagree that Live at Dynamo solidifies Nailbomb as the noisiest, heaviest, most brutal two man pile-up of anger, groove and noise-for-noise's sake you've ever heard.
DVD Contents: 1. Wasting Away 2. Guerillas 3. Cockroaches 4. Vai Toma No Cu 5. Sum Of Your Achievements 6. Religious Cancer 7. Police Truck 8. Exploitation 9. World Of Sh*t 10. Blind And Lost 11. Sick Life

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