1. Woke Up This Morning
2. One Last Run
3. Too Bad
4. Breathe
5. Hollywood
6. Hangnail
7. Worthy to Say
8. Never Again
9. Old Enough
10. Where Do I Hide
11. It Ain't Like That (Alice in Chains cover) (featuring Jerry Cantrell)
12. Leader of Men
13. Mistake (Big Wreck cover)
14. How You Remind Me

Additional footage

  • The music videos for "How You Remind Me", "Too Bad" and "Leader Of Men".
  • The rare documentary The Making Of "Too Bad" - The video.
  • Multi-Angle features that allow to watch each individual band member.
  • Behind the scenes filming of the concert from the viewpoint of the director.
  • Backstage footage before and after the show, along with interviews and on-the-road footage.

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