1. Never Again
2. How You Remind Me
3. Woke Up This Morning
4. Too Bad
5. Just For
6. Hollywood
7. Look What Your Money Bought
8. Where Do I Hide
9. Hangnail
10. Good Times Gone

RR 25th Anniversary Reissue DVD:
1. Woke Up This Morning (live)
2. One Last Run (live)
3. Too Bad (live)
4. Breathe (live)
5. Hollywood (live)
6. Hangnail (live)
7. Worthy to Say (live)
8. Never Again (live)
9. Old Enough (live)
10. Where Do I Hide (live)
11. It Ain't Like That (live)
12. Leader of Men (live)
13. Mistake (live)
14. How You Remind Me (live)
15. How You Remind Me (multimedia track)
16. Too Bad (multimedia track)
17. Leader of Men (multimedia track)
+ Bonus Material

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