Nickelback Covers ZZ Top

Nickelback has recorded a cover of ZZ Top’s “Legs” which will be featured on the compilation ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friends. The album, which will be released October 11, also features contributions by Wolfmother, Daughtry, country singer Jamey Johnson and many others. Nickelback is currently working on a new studio album.
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Listen To Your Favorite Roadrunner Albums On Spotify!

The online music-streaming service Spotify recently launched in the US, and while it's presently invite-only, it's pretty easy to get signed up if you want to - and you should. There are three tiers: you can listen to music for free, with commercial interruptions every two or three songs; you can pay $5 a month and hear no commercials; or you can pay $10 a month and get commercial-free music that you can also stream to your phone or iPod.
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