Red Tape

Chaos. That's the only word that needs to be mentioned when describing Red Tape's Roadrunner debut, Radioactivist. But we'll continue. Red Tape is an energetic group that aims at dismantling the institution from the inside out. Immediately, the names Refused, At the Drive-In, and Black Flag are conjured when the first gunshot blasts of "Damage Control" are heard. If you can't imagine Red Tape living up to the grand stature of its influences, one listen to Radioactivist will surely open your eyes.

"My generation without a name--" begins Radioactivist's title track. Red Tape have given an identity and more importantly, a new voice to a generation of those tired of the status quo.
1. Damage Control
2. High Revoltage
3. Stalingrad
4. Radioactivist
5. Divebomb
6. Droppin' Bombs on Your Moms
7. Reactor
8. Strike Tonight
9. Salvador
10. Social Meltdown
11. Golden
12. Waltz
13. Shoot! Move! Communicate!
14. Bl'ast! The System

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