1     Procreation (Of The Wicked)
2     Inhuman Nature
3     Policia
4     War [Bob Marley cover]
5     Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Blood-Rooted Mix)
6     Symptom Of The Universe
7     Mine
8     Lookaway (Master Vibe Mix)
9     Dusted (Demo)
10   Roots Bloody Roots (Demo)
11   Drug Me (Blood Rooted Mix)    [Explicit]
12   Refuse/Resist (Live)
13   Slave New World (Live)
14   Propaganda (Live)    [Explicit]
15   Beneath The Remains/Escape To The Void (Live)
16   Kaiowas (Live - Alt.)
17   Clenched Fist (Live)
18   Biotech Is Godzilla (Live)

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