Neither a mere retread of the Sepultura of old nor the sequel to AGAINST, instead it is a bold statement for a band that still takes listeners on a journey of musical discovery. NATION marks Sepultura's 2nd album with new singer Derrick Green, and marks a band that is once again fully a family. A band that once again knows who they are and exactly where they are going. The recording was done in Brazil, their first recording there since the classic Beneath The Remains release. From the anthemic call-to-arms of opener "Sepulnation" straight through to new Sepul-classics like "Border Wars", this is the classic, yet new, Sepultura album you have been waiting for.

1. Sepulnation
2. Border Wars
3. Revolt
4. One Man Army
5. Vox Populi
6. The Ways of Faith
7. Uma Cura
8. Who Must Die?
9. Saga
10. Tribe to a Nation
11. Politricks
12. Human Cause

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