Brazilian death metal upstart Sepultura took an incredible leap forward with their second full-length album, 1987's Schizophrenia. Though recorded only a year after the band's debut, Schizophrenia displayed a remarkable sonic evolution in both technical and creative terms. Constant touring, rehearsal, and the addition of new lead guitarist Andreas Kisser obviously helped the band achieve the musical proficiency necessary to pull off its complex songs. This is apparent as soon as the Psycho-inspired intro theme gives way to the precise, lightning-quick staccato riffing of "From the Past Comes the Storm." But Sepultura immediately raises the stakes with the excellent riffs and precise soloing on "To the Wall" and "Escape From the Void." The seven-minute instrumental "Inquisition Symphony" is simply breathtaking in its diversity, perfectly showcasing the band's incredible combination of melody and aggression. The re-recorded version of the group's early hit "Troops of Doom" makes this album even more collectible, and helps set the stage for the band's subsequent breakthrough release, Beneath the Remains.

1. Intro (Schizophrenia)
2. From the Past Comes the Storms
3. To the Wall
4. Escape to the Void
5. Inquisition Symphony
6. Screams Behind the Shadows
7. Septic Schizo
8. The Abyss
9. R.I.P. (Rest in Pain)
10. Troops of Doom (Schizophrenia Bonus Track)

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