Shockwaves Skull Sessions

Bob Nalbandian, the host of the acclaimed Shockwaves/Hardradio Podcast (available on HardRadio.com and iTunes) will soon be launching a brand new series of podcasts called the Shockwaves Skull Sessions. The podcast will be devoted to discussions and debates revolving around various topics in Heavy Metal music. Nalbandian states, "I've had such great success with the discussion and debate-style Shockwaves/HardRadio podcasts, particularly the recent Judas Priest debate episode (with Roadrunner A&R exec Monte Conner and author/journalist Martin Popoff) as well as the Early Metallica episode (with Metallica book author Steffan Chirazi and John Kornarens) that I've decided to devote an entire series to these podcasts."

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