Self Destructive Pattern

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Release Date 9.9.2003
Format CD
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Spineshank returns with Self-Destructive Pattern, an album that sees them both building on their foundation of aggressive electronica-influenced hard rock and expands upon the infectious melodies they hinted at on The Height of Callousness. From the pummeling album opener "Violent Mood Swings" to the fuzzed-out guitar bliss of "Forgotten" to the catchy screaming harmonies of the first single "Smothered," this album is pure Spineshank - only better.

Self-Destructive Pattern is twelve tracks of sour and sweet, full of tunes that draw you in then beat you mercilessly with sonic vigor.
1.Violent Moodswings
4.Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive)
5.Beginning of the End
7.Self-Destructive Pattern
8.Tear Me Down
10.Falls Apart
12.Dead to Me

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