Still Remains

Of Love And Lunacy is an album that is not so much concerned with traveling the heavily-treaded metal path of 'faster-faster, more-more' but rather the kind of music that makes you stand up a little straighter and feel like you can take on the world on your own terms - full of depth, passion, and hope. Combining biting guitars, atmospheric keyboards and rhythmic drumming, this sextet from middle America has more in common with Euro-metallers In Flames and Soilwork than they do with anything that has ever come out of the Motor City.
1. To Live And Die By Fire
2. The Worst Is Yet To Come
3. In Place Of Hope
4. White Walls
5. Bliss
6. Cherished
7. With What You Have
8. Kelsey
9. Recovery
10. I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands
11. Stare And Wonder
12. Blossom, The Witch

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