Theory of a Deadman

1. So Happy
2. By the Way
3. Got It Made
4. Not Meant To Be
5. Crutch
6. All or Nothing
7. Heaven (Little by Little)
8. Bad Girlfriend
9. Hate My Life
10. Little Smirk
11. End Of The Summer
12. Wait For Me
13. Sacrifice

Special Edition Bonus Tracks:
14. Great Pretender
15. Shadow
16. So Happy (Acoustic)
17. By The Way (Acoustic)
18. Not Meant To Be (Acoustic)
19. Got Me Wrong
20. Midnight Rider
21. What's Your Name

Special Edition DVD Track Listing:
1. By The Way
2. Not Meant to Be
3. Hate My Life (explicit)
4. Bad Girlfriend (broadcast version)
5. So Happy
6. No Surprise
7. Santa Monica
8. Make Up Your Mind
9. Nothing Could Come Between Us
10. Hate My Life (Live)
11. The Making Of "By The Way"
12. The Making Of "Not Meant To Be"
13. The Making Of "Hate My Life"
14. The Making Of "Bad Girlfriend"
15. Haciendas - Tyler's Place
16. EPK

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