Listen To Your Favorite Roadrunner Albums On Spotify!

The online music-streaming service Spotify recently launched in the US, and while it's presently invite-only, it's pretty easy to get signed up if you want to - and you should. There are three tiers: you can listen to music for free, with commercial interruptions every two or three songs; you can pay $5 a month and hear no commercials; or you can pay $10 a month and get commercial-free music that you can also stream to your phone or iPod.
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Theory Of A Deadman Goes Top 10 With New Album

Theory of a Deadman's fourth album, The Truth Is..., has leapt onto the Billboard Top 200 albums chart at #8, scanning over 37,000 units in its first week. The album also reached the #2 spot on the iTunes Rock Album charts, and the track “Hurricane” hit #9 on the iTunes Rock Songs Chart, selling over 10,000 units without being officially released as a single.
More … Praises Theory Of A Deadman's Sense Of Humor

The new Theory Of A Deadman album, The Truth Is..., gets a solid 4 stars (out of 5) from today, and in the process, the reviewer asks a question that's been bugging us for some time: "When did rock 'n' roll become humorless?" Interestingly, the writer, Rick Florino, doesn't make the obvious argument (and, admittedly, the one we might have made). "Some might argue that the sense of humor was lost with the advent of grunge.
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Theory Of A Deadman's "The Truth Is..." Out Today!

The fourth album by Theory of a Deadman, The Truth Is..., comes out today, and there are a variety of special offers on the table, so pick one! If you buy it from FYE, you get a free "Lowlife" beverage cozy with your purchase; If you download it from iTunes, you can purchase a deluxe version with six bonus tracks; If you buy it at Best Buy, the regular edition is on sale for only $9.99 and the deluxe edition (again, six bonus tracks) is only $11.99. .
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