A Top Ten From Matt Heafy Of Trivium

Trivium's Matt Heafy sent us the following in response to our request for a top ten list; here it is, in full. Top Ten Turmoil, Twenty Twelve My bandmates and I typically prefer to opt out of "top tens." The "top ten albums list" is usually a subject of heavy criticism (and justifiably so) from all angles. One argument against the creation of "a list" is that all contents contained will be subjected to intense scrutiny from multiple parties from multiple stances who will be reading the top ten list. Colorful, classic reactions from the punters will include commentary like: "This list isn't metal enough.
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Spotify Playlist: Roadrunner In 2011

Sometimes you can lose track of all the stuff you've done because you're just too busy doing it. The year's far from over - we've got albums from Opeth, Machine Head, The Parlor Mob, Megadeth and Nickelback still to come - but it's already been a damn strong one in terms of releases.
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