"110 bands in three days...God knows why," tells our new media cat Carl Severson. Huh? Starting early Friday afternoon (07/12) out at The State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY, Hellfest officially begins. Before finishing on Sunday night, over one hundred bands will have taken the stage during this annual hardcore festival. Who is on the bill? Killswitch Engage will be taking the stage...some featured headliners include Misfits, Lamb Of God, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Hatebreed, among others...oh, even Carl's band Nora will be screaming their peace. What to expect? Mayhem. Pure mayhem. One previous Hellfest featured THREE venue changes DAY OF SHOW. True. In 2000, that was the case. "It was amazing," remembers Carl. "100+ degrees onstage. Dude, I almost fell over dead when we were playing." Ahhh, memories. What else to expect? Cops, lots and lots of cops...a higher tattoos per skin ratio than Ozzfest could ever hope for...and as Carl fondly shares, "generally one of the best concerts of the entire summer." If you want to get an idea of what the pit at this place will be like (i.e. dancing...your parents call it moshing...stop, you sound like a dick), watch the Hatebreed video for "I Will Be Heard". Tickets can be purchased at the venue during the days of the show. Oh, and for a rough schedule and pictures of the promoter's dog (see link titled SAMSON), check out www.Hellfest.com. Do you like dogs? Sure ya do. Will the schedule change? "Oh, hell yeah," Carl concludes. Enjoy the show.