Tonight is the last UK show on the Killswitch Engage / Chimaira tour front. No doubt it'll be a blinder (as all them hep cats in the UK would say). Here is what Chimaira have been throwing down during the UK dates on this tour run (excluding last night's Barfly show, which was decided by fans pulling songs names out of a hat. True.) Cleansation Stigmurder Silence / Severed Sp Lit Impossibility Of Reason Eyes Of A Criminal Down Again Dehumanizing Process Power Trip Pure Hatred And here the Killswitch Engage UK set list (except also for the Barfly, which was seemingly decided as played along & shouted out): Numbered Days Self Revolution Rose Of Sharyn Sons Of Man Bid Farewell Fixation On The Darkness Breathe Life Life To Lifeless Take This Oath When Darkness Falls My Last Serenade That being said, what have the last 24 hours been like for KsE and Chimaira? Read on: What time did you get up? Mike (KsE): 11am, then back to bed 'til 12. Rob (Chimaira): 12pm. Chris (Chimaira): I have no idea. How much sleep did you get? Mike (KsE): 8 hours. Rob (Chimaira): 9 hours. Chris (Chimaira): I have no idea. Who was last out of bunk this morning? Mike (KsE): We stayed in a hotel. Barry (KsE tour manager) was last to check out. Rob (Chimaira): Mark. Chris (Chimaira): Jim, I smacked him to wake up. Who snored loudest last night? Mike (KsE): Joel always does. Rob (Chimaira): Mikey (sound engineer). Chris (Chimaira): Mike, our sound guy, sounds like a chainsaw. Which is your bunk? Mike (KsE): Bottom left, in the way back. Rob (Chimaira): Top, front, right. Chris (Chimaira): Back, middle, left. What's in your bunk? Mike (KsE): 40G iPod, PJs, and Kerri (my girlfriend). Rob (Chimaira): Nothing special. Chris (Chimaira): iPod, water, sheets from home, photos. What was for breakfast? Mike (KsE): Quorn veggie slices on a pita. Rob (Chimaira): Banana, chicken soup. Chris (Chimaira): Water. Did you get a shower? Mike (KsE): Yes, but usually no. Rob (Chimaira): Nope. Chris (Chimaira): Last night... it was nasty. How long since the clothes you are wearing got washed? Mike (KsE): 3 weeks. Rob (Chimaira): 2 days ago. Chris (Chimaira): I always change undershirts and boxers. I've had these shorts on for over a week. What have you done since you got up? Mike (KsE): Walked around Camden Market. Packed, then unpacked onto our new bus. Soundchecked. Changed into "show clothes". Rob (Chimaira): Performed at XFM Radio. Did some paperwork. Ate. Chris (Chimaira): We did some live performance thing for XFM. Since then I opened a big box of goodies and sat in the net cafe. Best thing about the day so far? Mike (KsE): Buying a Cure beanie and t-shirt in the market. Rob (Chimaira): I'm alive & healthy. Chris (Chimaira): Sitting online for 2 hours. Where are you playing tonight/next? Any comments? Mike (KsE): The Barfly tonight, Oxford tomorrow. Rob (Chimaira): Barfly tonight - terrible idea - the club is far too small and unaccommodating. Chris (Chimaira): Barfly. This is going to suck. I'm facing the wall tonight! I hope the crowd likes it. What's on the rider? Mike (KsE): Veggie slices & beer. Rob (Chimaira): Nothing. Terrible idea. Chris (Chimaira): Today? Nothing. Usually, water, beer, alcohol, lunch meat, and a bunch of other random garbage. How much can you drink? Mike (KsE): 5 beers and 5 shots. Rob (Chimaira): More than most. Chris (Chimaira): Not much. I'm a lightweight. 3 good drinks and I'm done for. What are your aftershow plans? Mike (KsE): Drink, then sleep. Rob (Chimaira): I usually never know. I call it, "seeing where the night takes me". You never know who/what you'll run into. Chris (Chimaira): Depends on my mood. I may have a few cocktails... if not, I'll sit around and stare at the wall.