"We're 36 Crazyfists, we're from Alaska, and this is what we sound like", Brock humbly said to start off the show... FINALLY, 36 Crazyfists hit NYC for a live showing. After all is said and done, they will have played four shows here on the East Coast over the past week. However, the main reason for this trip out east is to attend to the mixing of their upcoming debut Bitterness The Star, which is due out early 2002. The band has one more show tonight in Connecticut, before retiring exclusively to the studio for the next few days to finish mixing. A note to all you Connecticut folks, enjoy. Not sure if last night's 36 CF set seemed short because of time, or because they blistered through every song with an energy you wish you saw at every rock show. Either way, don't blink your eyes...you might miss too much. Last night's show at CBGB's was actually called the Metal Christmas Ball. The evening, headed by Lamb of God, also featured SkyCameFalling, Every Time I Die, Stalemate, Haste, and Zao. Since last night was pretty much the first time many of us here at Roadrunner saw 36 CF live, if you weren't at the show, it shall be your first time too - we just added 10 pics from last night's show to their PHOTO GALLERY. Check them out.