Chimaira is currently four dates into the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour, a bill shared with labelmates Fear Factory, Machine Head, and Ill Nino. So, what's the skinny? From the Chimaira camp, we learn the following random ''somethings' about their experience thus far: - parts of the RV have been wrecked (surely our tour department will be thrilled to hear about that) - 2 run ins with the cops during the course of the first 2 being a driving violation and the other being an accommodation violation. Did you know that the hotel they were staying at on the 2nd night called the cops on Chimaira because they thought they were getting ripped off? Just goes to show, you can take the boys out of Cleveland (Chimaira's hometown) but can't take the Cleveland out of the disrespect meant, but of course! Chris from Chimaira does tell "it's been awesome. Shows have been great. Last night was the best show thus far (House of Blues in Chicago)." From the club they are playing at in Cincinnati, OH tonight (09/25), Chris leaves one last message, "come to the show, buy our merch, we're poor...seriously, come down, say 'hi' and hang out." for a full listing of Road Rage tour dates, check out the TOUR section. Chimaira debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores October 2nd