Today in Fear Factory, we offer up the following: 1) The Obvious - Fear Factory is currently in the midst of a US Tour (The Evolution Of Revolution) in support of their latest release, Digimortal. Warming up the crowd on their behalf is Dry Kill Logic (debut release, The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now), Puya, and Primer 55. Tonight the boys will be in Norfolk, VA at the Norva Theatre. See TOUR Section for full details. 2) Dino and Dr. Love - Dino sat down to answer questions from Dr. Drew (you know the man) online, a feature called 5 Minutes With Dino Cazares Of Fear Factory. Not your usual questions, and definitely not your usual answers. Find out things such as Dino's sign, favorite reading materials, what he would change about himself, the favorite part of his body, childhood idols, a useless act he is good at, and more...the interview can be seen HERE. note - Dr. Drew and company dub Dino as Fear Factory's "sure-fingered bassist", though we all know he is the axe man. Dr. Drew and company will 'surely' burn in torment in hell for such an error!!! (all the best) 3) Raymond and the GameSpy - Raymond just had a talk with GameSpyDaily. They pepper him with such questions as to how he got into games, the first game he got hooked on, and how Fear Factory got involved with the whole scene. They also grill him on the 220 games he had stolen recently on a flight. It's a conspiracy! You can read all about it HERE. one last note - if you check out Dr. Drew's interview with Dino and they now have Dino as Fear Factory's "the sure-fingered guitarist" (instead of bassist), then Dr. Drew 'n' company may not suffer eternal damnation after all!!!