Ladies and Gentlemen, we formally introduce to you, the Howard Jones - new vocalist for Killswitch Engage. Just yesterday (07/18), he stepped foot into the Roadrunner NY office for the first time, ever. Six days earlier (Hellfest, 7/12), he played his first show as frontman for Killswitch Engage. And now, his first interview for - 5 Word Answers For 5 Questions: Roadrunner Records: It's your first time in the Roadrunner office. Describe the experience in five words. the Howard Jones: Free stuff is thirsty work. Roadrunner: Not bad...not bad at all. All right, now how about five words on your first show with the band? Howard: My presence was not necessary... Roadrunner: Damn. Howard: That's actually a good thing. Roadrunner: Even your explanation is five words. Let's see...five words to describe breakfast this morning? Howard: McDonalds is a culinary staple of the American diet. Growing up it was hard to avoid the commercials, the want, nay I say the absolute necessity of consuming its childhood endearing...(laughs) (Let it be known that the Howard Jones had breakfast at 3:00 in the afternoon, missing the flapjacks, but getting in on the grilled flatbread sandwich. Rock. McDonalds cannot and should not be limited to five words.) Roadrunner: We'll let you slide on that one. Next, give five words describing your favorite Killswitch Engage song. Howard: The guys won't play it. Roadrunner: Last question, five words on what you expect on the upcoming tour? Howard: Somebody is gonna get hurt. We thank the Howard Jones greatly for his time, and with answers like those given, we welcome him aboard with open arms. Killswitch Engage hits the road on Saturday, making their way to Texas, where they will start their touring stint with Kittie, Poison The Well, Shadows Fall, and Hotwire (see TOUR section for dates). Hey, if you are at a KsE show and hear them play "The Element Of One," you can thank Howard for that. And last, for the first pictures of Howard playing his first show with KsE, check out the band's PHOTO GALLERY. Alive Or Just Breathing in stores now