A whole bunch of touring is going on for Spineshank right now! Currently, they are on the road with Fear Factory and Dry Kill Logic. Then starting this Saturday (06/09), they hit the road as headliners with Chimaira, Ill Nino, and Sw1tched. And THEN, onto Ozzfest starting July 14th. So, you are thinking we should have some pictures from all these shows going on, right? Right! Somewhere at a truckstop about 50 miles outside of Tallahassee, FL, Mike Sarkisyan (guitarist from Spineshank) gave a bell to tell of some new photos he had sent from the road. Well, we have the pics and they look great! Check them out on Spineshank's website. (Click on the IMAGES link, and then look for TOUR PHOTOS) thanks for the pics MIKE!