For the past month, Dry Kill Logic has been rehearsing 7 days a week...though bassist Dave Kowatch admits "might have missed 2 days somewhere along the line". So, what do they have to show for the past month of rehearsals? Well, this upcoming Wednesday (02/06) the band heads into some studio in some town in upstate New York to do rough recordings of nine new give others an idea of what they have been working on... Come Friday (02/08), Dry Kill Logic will be heading to the Machine Head concert at Irving Plaza in NYC to hang out, and see old friends and fans. All except possibly Cliff, who might have to stay back should he still need to throw vocals down on the new tracks from Wednesday's recording session. One last bit of Dry Kill Logic info for you today, and it is very fucking cool if you ask us...check out the homepage at Pretty cool, huh?